Month: October 2015

Avalon II

Avalon II Online Slot Game Avalon II, The Quest for the Grail is the sequel to the successful Avalon online video slot game by Microgaming. In building on the medieval theme of King Arthur and the mythical island of Avalon, the sequel is all about King Arthur’s hunt for the

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The Alchemists Spell

The Alchemists Spell Online Slots The practice of alchemy is something that has fascinated the minds of many people throughout the centuries. There have been a number of books written on the subject, a number of films made, and now a casino slots game inspired by the same theme. It

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RoboJack Sci-Fi Video Slot by Microgaming Microgaming’s RoboJack video slot is set in what appears to be some sort of futuristic science-lab-cum-workshop containing nuts, bolts, particle generators, jumper cables and other tools for the construction of intelligent robots. There is no movement that takes place in this highly animated hive

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