Dazzle Me

Shiny Gemstone NetEnt Game Dazzle Me Slot

The theme on the rather unique set of reels present in this Dazzle Me slot game from NetEnt is that of shiny and rather ostentatious gemstones. These bright and colourful stones are set into a rather classical styled atmosphere, with the game itself presenting as a unique approach the classical slot gaming appeal. As such players will find the screen decked out quite lavishly, especially in regards to the symbols themselves, however the overall theme construction is still largely on the simple side of the possible online slot experiences, keeping it in touch with those game styles of old.

Players will quickly realise that this Dazzle Me slot game is not quite like the other classically styled and gemstone adorning games they may have encountered before and the first giveaway of this fact is seen through this slot’s reels. NetEnt have set this slot up with a set of 5 reels however the reels progressively take on more rows of symbols as they move across to the right, with the left most having just 3 rows of symbols and the last, most right, reel having a notable 5 symbols. Add to this the rather unique number of 76 pay lines and it becomes clear that the strongest aspect of this Dazzle Me slot game is its base game.

Exploring the Simple Dazzle Me Slot Theme Choice

The reason one can regard this rather flashy, bordering on ostentatious, slot game as simple is that the various thematic features that tend to make the themes of these sorts of games overflow are not included in this presentation. Instead this Dazzle Me slot game makes the reels the central focus, with a largely white background practically forcing the eyes of the players back onto the gemstone laden reels. Other factors that make this experience worthwhile include the simple sound effects that accompany the action on the reels and even the aforementioned unique reel layout used in this slot experience by NetEnt.

Like most every slot game, but particularly those that go for a more classical and underplayed style in lieu of theme, the symbols on the reels play a primary factor in the appearance and experience on the screen. In Dazzle Me slot the symbols are rather intuitive and revolve largely around the various coloured gemstones that players can use for creating winning combinations. There are also a few other, more classically inclined, symbols on the reels including the likes of bells and even 7’s.

The Shiny Bonuses in Dazzle Me Slot

As has been mentioned a couple of time above, the style of this slot game is definitely more inclined to that of the classical setup and as such the majority of the experience comes from the reels themselves. These include the addition of Wilds since their main advantage is increasing wins on the reels during the base game. Not to be left out however, NetEnt have also included a free spins feature into this Dazzle Me slot experience and so players can actually get a bit of both worlds in this slot game option.