In Depth Look at Energoonz Video SlotĀ 

Energoonz video slot game is played on a 5 x 5 grid rather than the traditional reels. This game is highly charged and sports an alien theme along with plasma and atoms. Winning combinations will payout when 3 or more symbols match either horizontally or vertically. Symbols may also match up in multiple winning combinations.

Instead of spinning reels, this game will drop symbols down to fill the grid. Behind the symbols the word bonus may be spelled out either once or multiple times in a go. On some occasions, the bonus may not appear on the grid. When a winning combination of 3 or more appears, these symbols will disappear leaving behind a plasma ball. The plasma ball acts as a wild symbol and helps to create further matches. The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols. Each time a winning combination occurs, the multiplier will increase offering a higher payout on the next match.

If all symbols on the grid are cleared then a special full clear award is given. Based on how much players choose to bet, the full clear award will vary. If players, for example, choose to bet 40.00 credits on a round and they managed to clear the grid, then the award would be 40000 credits.

Bonus Game

When the word bonus appears on the grid, the aim is to clear all the symbols that cover the word in order to trigger the bonus round. Once the bonus round is triggered, up to 10 free rounds will be awarded. The aim of the bonus round is to match 5 or more symbols in order to receive a payout. The more symbols that are matched in this round, the higher the payout. If 5 or more energy coil symbols are matched then up to 20 further rounds will be added to the bonus game.

Bets and Auto-Play

Betting in this game is structured to where players can only choose 1 of 5 betting amounts. Players may choose to bet 0.02, 1.00, 2.00, 10.00 or 40.00 credits per game. The paytable, which is located below the grid, will allow players to see how much each betting amount will offer as a payout. Players can play around with each betting amount while in the paytable and it will update to reflect the payout as per the amount chosen to bet.

The auto-play function offers players the chance to sit back and allow the game to get on with it based on preference. Players may choose to allow between 10 and 50 rounds to be played automatically at whichever betting amount is preferred. The auto-play function does offer a stop option whereby players can choose to stop playing based on how much they have won or lost. Auto-play can also be stopped at any time. During the auto-play rounds, the bonus game may still be triggered. If it is triggered, the game will allow for the bonus game to be played before returning you back to the auto-play rounds.