Bet On the Golf Green Jacket to Win some Green!

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The Masters Tournament, also known as the US Masters, is one of the four major professional golf tournaments. It is scheduled for the first week in April 2016, being the first of the majors to be played. Unlike the other major competitions, the Masters is held each year at the same golf course, the beautiful Augusta National Golf Club. This is a private golf club in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

The US Masters is an official money event on the PGA Tour, the European and the Japan Tour. The number of players is small than other major championships because it is an invitational event, hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club.

The tournament has a number of well known traditions. Since 1940, a green jacket has been awarded to the winner, who has to return it to the club one year after his win. It remains his personal property, however, but it is stored with the other champions’ jackets in a special cloakroom. Only a current champion may remove his jacket from the club grounds. A golfer who wins the event several times uses the same green jacket he was awarded the first time of winning. Beginning in 1963, one of the famous past winners has always hit the tee shot on the morning of the first round of the US Masters to commence play.

The Augusta National course first opened in 1933, but has since been reshaped several times, and bunkers and greens have been redesigned, and other hazards been added.

Thousands Follow the US Masters

The US Masters attracts a huge number of followers each year. Thousands travel to Augusta each year, but the real following consist of people who watch all the proceedings on television every day of the tournament. Thousands more will be part of the Masters golf betting system. These punters will mostly place their bets online. Online betting has become an integral part of any Aussie sports betting in modern times, due to the ease of placing the bet, and the huge array of benefits and bonuses offered by many online betting sites.

Golf is an extremely competitive sport, and Masters golf betting offers a huge array of different bets people can place on a golf tournament. The Masters Golf betting can offer a bet on the winner of the tournament, the winner of a specific hole, the number of strokes taken, or the performance of golfers of each country.

Online Sports Betting Affords Many Advantages

The development of golf betting into the predominant sports betting site it is today is relatively recent.  It has become a lucrative occupation, and attracts a huge number of punters. The golfing majors, including the British Open and the US PGA tournaments are some of the most popular sporting events in the world, and millions of people follow every stroke made on the course.

Online betting has become more and more safe and secure during the last few years, and most punters will experience excellent customer service. Masters golf betting is an enormous business industry, as it is with other global sporting events, and the online sports sites will compete to encourage punters to use their sites. There will be an array of welcome bonuses, and many benefits and special offers, and punters will be clever to take advantage of these.