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Free casino games are only available at online casinos and they are indeed one of the many great advantages to playing online instead of at land-based casinos.

Some players choose to access free versions of card games such as blackjack or poker in order to practise their game strategies, but many people simply choose to access slot machine free games.

Slots are indeed the simplest of the casino games available, and there are many reasons why players would choose to enjoy them just for fun and not for real money. Though some may choose to access slot machine free games simply because they feel like playing slots simply for the enjoyment of it, others have the end goal of moving on to real money games once they are comfortable and familiar with the action and requirements of their preferred style of slots.

The Chance to Test and Practise

The reason why players who ultimately want to play for real money choose to access slot machine free games is because these games afford them the possibility to test out a particular game or a particular online casino site without any financial risks involved.

If players are trying out a new game, it is an excellent idea for them to access the slot machine free games first, because they can gain a better understanding of the game without risking anything.

Since slot machine free games have exactly the same specifications as the real money versions, they operate with the same payout percentages, special features, or bonus functions as the real money slot machine games. This enables players to fully test out the slot machine game, see if they like it, and try to understand the game a little better before signing up to any financial commitment.

Also, players might choose to access slot machine free games before moving on to real money versions in order to test out a new online casino site they might be interested in. Slot machine free games give them the chance to not only try out the particular game, but also to get a feel of the online casino site as a whole. They can test how the site works, become familiar with its functionality, and see if they like the site in general before choosing on to sign up and actually putting down funds.

Moving On To Real Money Play

Given this chance to access slot machine free games and having gained a better understanding of the particular game and the online casino as a whole, players may very well decide that they would like to continue playing the best pokies online version of the game.

Having tested the free version, they have become familiar with the casino and can now simply choose to make  adeposit and switch from demo mode to real money play. There is usually a link from the game itself that will allow players to move on to the real money version of that game, or players can access the general registration or cashier page in order to do so.

By simply submitting all the personal information required and putting down an initial deposit, either by linking the casino account to a major credit card such as Visa or MasterCard or by linking the account to an online payment system such as Ukash or Neteller, the player can now become a fully-fledged member of the online casino and play all the games for real money.